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When it comes to ensuring year-round comfort in your Kirby, Texas, home, reliable HVAC services are a must, which is why ASC Heating & Air can be your trusted partner in the area for AC and furnace repair, replacement, maintenance, and installation. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our team of experts is here to provide you with top-notch HVAC solutions. Our HVAC technicians have the training and experience to address numerous heating and cooling issues to help restore your home’s comfort.

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AC Repair and Maintenance in Kirby, TX


Outdoor AC installation in San Antonio

Is your air conditioner not cooling effectively or making strange noises? At ASC Heating & Air, our skilled technicians are trained to diagnose and repair a wide range of air conditioner issues promptly. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques to ensure your AC unit is running efficiently. Some of the many common AC problems we can address include refrigerant leaks, faulty thermostats, compressor issues, and more.

“How often should I have my AC system serviced?”

We recommend annual AC maintenance to help keep your system in peak condition and prevent potential problems that can be more difficult and costly.

“What should I do if my AC isn’t cooling as it should?”

First, check the thermostat settings and filters. If the issue persists, our experts can provide a thorough diagnosis on why your HVAC system is not performing as expected and repair it.

Furnace Repair and Maintenance in Kirby, TX

A malfunctioning furnace can be a real inconvenience, especially during the chilly Kirby winters. ASC Heating & Air specializes in heating repair, including furnace and heat pump repair. This helps us ensure that your home can remain warm and cozy when you need it most. Our technicians are skilled in diagnosing and fixing common furnace issues, such as ignition problems, faulty pilot lights, and heating element failures.

Outdoor AC installation in San Antonio

“How can I tell if my furnace needs repairs?”

Signs that you likely need professional furnace repair include uneven heating, unusual noises, frequent cycling, or a sudden increase in utility bills

“What can I do to maintain my furnace?”

Regularly changing air filters, scheduling annual maintenance with us at ASC Heating & Air, and ensuring proper ventilation are beneficial for keeping your furnace in good shape.

Residential HVAC unit and Heat Pump Installations in San Antonio.

Kirby, TX, HVAC Replacement and Installation

When it is time to replace your aging HVAC system or install a new one, ASC Heating & Air has you covered. We offer comprehensive HVAC installation services, which include AC and furnace replacement as well as new installation. Our technicians will assess your specific needs, recommend energy-efficient systems, and handle the entire installation process with precision. We work with HVAC equipment from several manufacturers, including Trane and York.

Details on Our Technicians Replacing and Newly Installing Air Conditioners and Furnaces in Kirby, Texas, Include:

  • Removal and disposal of the old unit, ensuring environmentally responsible practices.
  • Proper sizing and selection of energy-efficient equipment tailored to your home’s requirements.
  • Professional installation with attention to every detail, helping ensure optimal performance and safety.

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Why Choose ASC Heating & Air in Kirby?

At ASC Heating & Air, we are proud of our friendly and professional approach to HVAC services in Kirby, TX. Our team comprises highly skilled, certified technicians with extensive HVAC industry experience. Reliability is paramount in heating and cooling, and we are committed to delivering dependable AC and heating services to help safeguard your comfort. We prioritize quality by working with equipment from leading HVAC manufacturers, offering top-of-the-line options. Your comfort and satisfaction are our ultimate goals, so we consistently work to meet and exceed your expectations, helping to ensure your experience with us at ASC Heating & Air in Kirby is exceptional

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ASC Heating & Air is the name to trust for all your HVAC needs in Kirby, Texas, including AC repair, furnace maintenance, and more. Whether you require heating or cooling system services, our team of experts is here to provide you with the help you need for year-round comfort in your Kirby home. Contact us today to schedule one or more of our HVAC services in Kirby!

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