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The installation of a heating unit is essential if you own a home in Texas, as the colder months can be extremely uncomfortable without sufficient heat. Heat pumps are an excellent solution to your heating and comfort needs. They work by absorbing the heat from one space and transferring it to another. When your heat pump stops working properly, you may suffer in overall temperature and comfort as well as notice a decline in your overall indoor air quality. Are you considering the installation of a new heat pump or is your current equipment broken? At ASC Heating and Air, we are committed to helping solve your heat pump issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

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We offer the installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance of many different types of heat pumps including:

  • Absorption heat pumps
  • Ground-source heat pumps
  • Air-source heat pumps


Heating Equipment Repairs in San Antonio

Our experienced HVAC service company offers heating repair services to clients in San Antonio and the surrounding area. If you have run into any issues with your heat pump, you can count on us to show up and get to the bottom of your problem. Our San Antonio heat pump technicians are known for being professional, prompt, and efficient. We work hard to help you get your heating system back in working condition as quickly as possible, even offering same day repairs when needed

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Experienced Heat Pump Technicians

With more than a decade of experience, we have handled hundreds of heating repairs, including those for residential heat pumps. Regardless of the exact make or model of equipment you have, you can trust that we will provide you with efficient services.

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