Furnace Repair & Installation in San Antonio, TX

At ASC Heating & Air, our timely and friendly HVAC team offers prompt, professional furnace repair services for homes, businesses, and more in San Antonio, TX. We can diagnose and repair a variety of issues that might be plaguing your furnace. As such, our team can ultimately help restore the indoor warmth and comfort of your property.

When Furnace Repair Is Not Enough

Unfortunately, in some situations with older furnaces, even professional repair is not enough to restore or reasonably extend the life of a furnace. In these instances, it is typically time for a home or business owner to replace their old furnace with a new one. Fortunately, at ASC Heating & Air, we have a wide selection of options for you to choose from and can offer you recommendations on the most appropriate type of unit for your needs. Our San Antonio HVAC services will take into account the size of your home or business as well as other factors when helping you pick a new furnace. 

New furnace installation can potentially add to the value of your home or business. It can also help increase your overall warmth and comfort. So if you are in need of furnace repair or furnace replacement, the team from ASC Heating & Air has your back! We offer multiple financing options to help address budgets of all sizes in order to provide you with the heating solution you need for your San Antonio home or business.

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Diagnosing & Fixing San Antonio Furnaces

Issues with a furnace can be more than just a challenge for home and business owners. They can feel like a real-life nightmare! Fortunately, the team from ASC Heating & Air is here to help with all of your HVAC needs – from repairs to replacements and more! So in the case that your furnace is malfunctioning, our experienced, San Antonio-based team of heating experts can help identify the issue with your system and perform the necessary repairs.

Unsurprisingly, furnaces of all makes and models can be very difficult to work with and fix, especially for those who are unfamiliar with how they operate. If you are not trained in the latest techniques for HVAC system repairs and maintenance, it can lead to further furnace troubles or even a potentially dangerous situation. That is why it is always wise to utilize the services of professional furnace repair companies, such as ASC Heating & Air.

The team from ASC Heating & Air understands that a broken furnace can be quite uncomfortable, especially during the colder winter months in San Antonio, Texas. Thankfully, we possess the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose and repair a number of different furnace issues. As a result, our team offers same-day appointments for immediate repair needs not only in San Antonio but in many of its surrounding communities as well.

Furnaces can be affected by a number of issues, causing them to work inefficiently, ineffectively, or not at all. Some of the many common furnace issues our team is equipped to repair include the following:

    • Extreme temperature swings
    • Low or no heat production
    • Noisy furnace operation
    • Furnace pilot light out
    • Furnace burner will not ignite
    • Turning on and off frequently
    • Seizing fan motor
    Residential furnace and water heater installed by ASC

    While routine maintenance is often the answer to avoiding many of the most common furnace issues, unforeseen issues and complications can occur, especially as furnaces age. In these instances, it is vital that you call a San Antonio heating expert from our team, especially when you experience a complete furnace breakdown. Our prompt, professional HVAC technicians can offer you a rapid diagnosis and electric or gas furnace repair services!

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    Why Choose ASC Heating & Air for Furnace Repair in San Antonio, TX?

    ASC Heating & Air is a family-owned and operated HVAC company serving San Antonio, Texas. Our team consists of friendly and timely HVAC technicians who are highly trained and experienced in their trade. As such, each of our team members can provide you with prompt, professional HVAC services, such as AC repair and furnace repair. They provide these services to a variety of properties throughout the San Antonio, TX area, including both homes and businesses. With our services, we can efficiently and effectively restore all aspects of the HVAC system at your property, helping to ensure your indoor comfort all year round.

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    Trust the professional HVAC technicians from ASC Heating & Air to take care of the intimidating furnace repair process for your home or business in San Antonio, TX. Our team has the training, experience, and tools necessary to diagnose and address a number of furnace issues. With our prompt, expert service, we can help reestablish the much-needed heating system for your indoor comfort. Contact us today to learn more and schedule electric or gas furnace repair with our team!

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