Air conditioning repair in San Antonio is a often search term period. It covers the entire range of repairs and installations for HVHC companies. I mean, it doesn’t matter if it’s an air filter or a thermostat install. Uh, the blower motors, uh, UV lights, air ducks, many things like that are included in HPAC. As far as air conditioning repair goes in San Antonio. You’ll notice that, uh, during harsh winters in the San Antonio area, we don’t have as many calls. I mean, we’ll get heating calls, but the heating calls never add up to as much as the cooling calls. I mean, it’s not that things don’t go wrong with heaters. It’s just that people would rather suffer by putting on extra blankets and more clothes than they would when it’s really hot outside. You can only take so many clothes off after all.

We have several tips to help you out though, uh, to kind of keep your low, your electric bill lower when you’re worried about not having to have air conditioning repair in San Antonio, um, check your air filters, check them regularly, replace them once. At least every couple of months at the longest, uh, the filter is clogged up and they get very dirty and they’ll slow down the air flow so that you hardly feel air flow coming out of your vents. If you also, if you put in a programmable thermostat in your home, you’ll notice that your ACL only run when you schedule it to it. Doesn’t. So if you’re going to be gone, say you leave in the morning for work, you and your wife or you and your spouse. However you wanna word it. Both leave in the morning and come back later in the evening, your unit can be shut down or any of the temperature increases, uh, so that pets can stay comfortable, but not as much electricity is used throughout the day. Your unit won’t have to run as much to keep the house as cool or as warm in the wintertime. Um, you can use ceiling fans to help circulate the air during air conditioning repair in in san antonio. Uh, if you set them, counter-clockwise, you’ll feel you’ll you’ll seal the air blowing down. As you said it clockwise, the air will be pulled back up and it will be circulated around down the walls on the room.

Air Conditioning Replacement and Installations

Air conditioning repair in San Antonio is a frequent time of quest term. For HVHC businesses, it includes the whole spectrum of repairs and installations. I mean, it doesn’t matter whether you’re installing an air filter or a thermostat. Uh, in HPAC, the blower motors, uh, UV lights, air ducks, several such items are included. As far as the maintenance of the air conditioning goes in San Antonio. You’ll find that, uh, during ha, uh, during ha

If it does get hot, Or if you do get hot in your home or anything, when you’re cooking or you get too much humidity in the winter time, a lot of times you can crack a window, cause there’s very little humidity in, out in the outdoor air. During the wintertime, if you crack a window, the humidity will be able to escape your home and it will dry your home out. And you’ll feel a little bit better, especially if you have family events where a lot of people are cooking inside several people, taking showers, using hot water, things like that. Those all increase your temperature and increase the humidity in your home and humidity and temperature worked together for the human condition of comfort. We pay attention to all these things during air conditioning repair in san Antonio

Um, your air ducts are another huge deal. You know, keep an eye on your air ducks. I mean, if you get a chance, once in a while, walk through your attic yourself, if you want to inspect your air ducts, feel around any seams. If you feel air blowing out, give the air conditioning, a call ASC heating and air will be there to help you out with your air conditioning repair in San Antonio. We’ll take care of you every single time. We can seal those ducks. We can help you with, uh, ultraviolet lights that go in your, in your air conditioning system to help kill germs. Especially during this COVID, uh, 19 epidemic. I mean, it’s a really big deal to kind of have clean air in your house. If you’ve got a unit, uh, UV light, it can help kill many of the germs that float through the air. Anything that settles on your evaporator coil, not to mention that we have other, you know, air care repair products or air purifying products. Let’s word that correctly, the air purifying products like the Remy halo, for instance, it actually produces hydrogen peroxide. It blows it through your, your allows your fan to blow the hydrogen peroxide through your duct work. And it settles throughout your home on every surface. If that doesn’t kill germs, I’m not really sure. What will

Other things to worry about when, uh, you’re worried about air conditioning repair in San Antonio, you know, think about your outdoor unit. If it’s not making, if it’s making a funny noise, if your indoor units making funny noises feel free to give ASC heating and air a call because we’ll take care of all of your air conditioning repair in San Antonio,

We’re ready to change a capacitor to change a contactor, um, to check your charge on your system, to make sure you have enough refrigerant and to add refrigerant. If you’re needed. A lot of times, if you have a leak in your system, you will have low refrigerant and we’ll be happy to take care of you. If you, if there is a leak, we can take care of the leak as well, or replace the part. Some, some things with air conditioning repair in San Antonio costs more than others. So it’s good to stay on top of your system and make sure you get everything done.

Do your best to stay on top of it.