AC repair in San Antonio TX is a major job for ASC heating and air. We received calls constantly for AC repair in San Antonio. When we receive a call, we immediately dispatch a technician. The technician will take his fully stocked van or truck with all of the tools he should need. And with most of the smaller parts that can be used to replace, uh, parts on an air conditioning system of almost any brand. We work with several brands of units when we’re performing AC repair in San Antonio, Tx  and We’re able to successfully repair make most repairs onsite. Same day. Our technicians are trained to diagnose problems quickly and efficiently so that we can minimize the time on site at a client’s house. We want you up and cooling before we hit the road. Since our office is on the Northeast side of San Antonio, um, calls from the Southwest side may take a little bit longer to get to, but we will definitely accommodate you. If you’re able to schedule this out in advance for preventative maintenance, or if it is only AC repair in San Antonio, Tx, you want let us know. We’ll be more than happy to take care of you as an emergent issue or as a prescheduled issue. It is your choice. We work on commercial and we work on residential units. So it’s not a big deal, either way. We’re happy to climb onto a rooftop to help someone with AC repair in san Antonio tx.

AC Repair in San Antonio  TX.  Each technician should show up in a fully stocked van that is marked with our company logo and name as well as phone number Technicians will be wearing a uniform. There will be easy to identify Whether you’re having a problem with a fan motor, a contactor, your compressor, actually, if your system is old and you want it repaired, You have your AC repair in San Antonio tx, ASC heating and air will take care of you.

Professional From The Start For Your HVAC Needs

Normally when we go to a job, the first thing we look at once we pull up, we pull up in a professional manner. We don’t want to see someone skid to a stop in front of your house. Jump out, put out a cigarette on your lawn, walk up to your house, smelling like smoke. We want somebody to be professional, to be presentable 100% to make a positive impact on you. We don’t know what we don’t. We aren’t sure where the positive impact starts with different people where it ends. So we try to make the same positive impact on anyone. We bump into any client. We have the same goes for our supply houses. We try to present a professional front at our supply houses also is not only when we’re dealing with our clients. So there’s a certain type of person. We hire to become a technician.

We want somebody who can be professional in any setting, but back to the service call. When, when a technician arrives, the first thing they will do is go inside and check your thermostat. They will try to operate your system in each mode of the thermostat. So they will set it to cooling mode. They’ll check everything on the indoor unit. We hit, we touch the indoor unit and we work on the indoor unit before we go to the outdoor door unit, because we don’t want to track through mud and track stuff into your house from the outside. Yes, we will wear booties. That is not a problem. We wear masks for COVID restrictions. None of it’s a problem, but we still want to do whatever we can to keep you from having a dirty house. I mean, we try to leave things cleaner when we left and when we show up.

So once we finished with the inside unit, if we find no problems, we’ll proceed to the outdoor unit where we will hook up the gauges. We will look at the electrical panel, we will test the voltage. We will do everything we need. Um, check your pressures to make sure we know what’s going on there. When we find a unit, we find a problem. We don’t stop at the problem. We continue to see if there are additional problems with the system. We don’t say, Oh, here’s one problem. And fix it in five minutes and leave is the worst thing we could do, because what if you have two problems with your air conditioning system? And we identified one, we’re not going to look like great guys if we drive away and we’re five miles down the road and your AC stops working again. So for your AC repair in San Antonio, Tx, please call ASC heating and air.

ASC Heating & Air is fully insured by insurance policies through State Farm insurance. We carry $1 million insurance liability policies for your protection. You can feel safe with ASC Heating & Air on the job. So for a company you can trust to care for your HVAC system or provide AC repair in San Antonio tx, please look us up and read our google reviews. You won’t be sorry you chose ASC Heating & Air for your AC repair in San Antonio tx.